89mm Vertical Blind Eclipse Slate

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  • To customise your order simply enter the measurements for the width and height of your window in millimeters.

    Don’t forget to:

    - Use a metal tape measure
    - Measure the width and height in 2 places and use the smallest measurement
    - Don’t make any deductions, the factory will do this for you
    - Check for any obstructions that would stop the blind moving up and down

    Inside mounting: Measure the width and height on the inside of the window frame from one edge to the other on both the top and bottom of the window frame. Check that the depth (reveal) of the window frame is equal to or greater than 75mm for 89mm blades, or equal to or greater than 90mm for 127mm blades.

    Outside mounting: Measure with width and height from one edge of the architrave to the other.

    For more detailed instructions including how to measure for outside mounting without architraves read our Measuring for Vertical Blinds pdf.

    You can Inside Mount your blind in the recess of your window or Outside Mount on the architrave or wall. It's important to check that there are no obstructions in the window and enough recess to Inside Mount. Once confirmed, the choice is simply a personal preference.

    Inside Mount

    Outside Mount

    For 89mm blades please ensure the minimum depth of the frame is greater than 75mm For 127mm blades please ensure the minimum depth of the frame is greater than 90mm A deduction of 5mm is taken from the width of the blind by the factory to ensure that it fits inside the frame

    Depending on your preference Vertical Blinds can be manufactured to stack in one of 4 configurations: Left, Right, Center Open, and Center Bunch.


    Vertical Blind Right Stack


    Vertical Blind Left Stack

    Center Open

    Vertical Blind Center Open

    Center Bunch

    Vertical Blind Center Bunch

    Wand drawn tracks have a slim 28mm profile. They're available in White, Birch, Natural Anodised and Black. Both the wall and ceiling brackets are colour matched to the track.
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Vertical Blinds Description & Features

Vertical blinds are an affordable window covering and an ideal option for large windows and sliding glass doors. We designed our child-safe wand control and slim-line headrail track specifically for Australian market conditions. Operating the blinds is extremely easy with just a twist of the wand to adjust the light entering the room – or push the wand to open or close the blinds completely. 127mm is the most popular vertical blind, however our 89mm alternative is ideal for smaller, recessed windows.

  • Excellent option for privacy
  • Great for minimising glare
  • 89mm blades
  • Choose wither ball chain or chainless bottom weights
  • Simple and smooth operation using wand-controlled track system
  • Suitable for all rooms including bathrooms
Things you should know
  • For vertical blind orders, our factory deducts 10mm from height measurements so that the blind will not drag on the window frame or floor
  • If you are mounting these blinds inside the window frame, it’s okay for part of the blade to stick out from the frame when the blinds are open. However, all blades should be inside the frame when in the closed position
  • The control wand is easy to use; simply twist to change the blade angle or push to open or close the blinds
  • It is recommended to mirror the opening of your door or window so that you can open these blinds enough to exit without having to retract them fully

Vertical Blinds Description & Features

Vertical blinds are an economical way of covering your windows and are an excellent choice if you have glass sliding doors or large windows. BAHA’s slim line head rail track and child safe wand control has been developed especially for Australian market conditions. The wand control system allows you to simply twist the wand to adjust the direction of light coming into the room or push the wand to open and close the blind. The most popular vertical blind is the 127mm system, however we also offer a 89mm option for smaller recessed windows.

  • Vertical blinds are a great privacy blind.
  • Great for defecting glare.
  • Available in 89mm and 127mm blades.
  • Choice of either chainless or ball chain bottoms weights.
  • Smooth and simple operation from wand controlled tracking system.
  • Can be used in all areas of the home, including wet areas.
Things you should know
  • For all Vertical blinds, our factory deducts 10mm from your height measurement to ensure the blind doesn’t drag on the floor or window frame.
  • When inside mounting, it’s ok for some of the blade to protrude from the window when the vanes are in the open position, however it is highly recommended that the when closed that the vanes are all inside the frame.
  • The Control Wand adjusts the angle of the blades by using a twisting motion, and is also used to the traverse the blades to open and close the blind.
  • Best to mimic the opening of your windows/doors to allow you to open these with out fully retracting you blind.

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