Awesome Holiday Upcycling DIY Projects

It’s coming up to the holidays, you’ve got some time on your hands and a bunch of stuff around the house to declutter before 2018 – time to find a way to use both!


If you’ve recently redecorated or maybe switched from curtains to blinds, you might have some old curtain rods hanging around (Dad joke alert!). Never chuck old curtain rods or towel rails out as they always come in handy for home improvement projects, particularly in the garden.


Hanging herb garden: You can use this idea outside or inside, there are loads of examples on Pinterest and Google with step by step guides. It works well for interior and exterior kitchen windows, or decks, walls, wherever you have a suitable space. Just put the poles up (this is why curtain rods are best if possible as they’re pre-drilled), pot your plants or seeds in small buckets, and hang on the poles with an “s” hook. Job done.




Kids Teepee: You can also use long curtain rods to make a teepee for the kids to keep them entertained indoors or outdoors while you get on with your DIY projects. And, no matter how fancy the cubby house they probably already have, there’s something about a teepee that keeps them entertained for hours and when they’re done it’s easy to take down and store for next time. Doesn’t have to be just for kids either. Backyard bongos anyone?!


Grab some old curtains and bamboo poles and try this quick and easy tee pee – amount of curtain material and poles depend on how big you want it – the principle is the same. For a reasonably large teepee (big enough to get a few kids into), you’ll need:


– Minimum of 6 bamboo canes 2m in length, poles or old curtain rods; any long sticks will do (but ideally not with twigs coming off them to remove an eye)

– A large flat sheet; can be old curtains or sheets – if you’re going for easy its best to make it a light material so it will stay up without too much effort. (For added kid activity get the kids to decorate this before you use it)

– Clothes pegs

– A length of string or rope


How to:


– Line up all your poles and tie them together about 6cm from the top. You might want to twist the string or rope around each one, just make sure your knot(s) are tight and will hold

– Gather your bundle of poles and place them where you want your teepee to be, and move them out one by one into an ever-wider circle, leaving a bigger gap between two poles for the entrance

– Drape your curtain or sheet around loosely and use a peg to clip it together at the top whilst you distribute it evenly at the bottom

– Attached the sheet to the bottom of the poles along with the sides the entrance poles


If you want something sturdier you can secure the fabric with grommets, use canvas as opposed to curtains and maybe add some old carpet as flooring. There are hundreds of ideas on Pinterest https://www.pinterest.com.au/anws/making-a-teepee-a-must/.


Retro Dart Board: No man shed/ cave is complete without the obligatory dart board. But if you’re not a darts aficionado you don’t have to spend a wad of cash, just buy a dart board from Kmart and retro-style it. I found three simple step by step guides for an awesome darts backboard or cabinet and, if none of these are what you’re after, there are about a million more ideas on Pinterest.








Rake Wine Glass Holder: If you’ve got an old, rusty rake lying around, take the pole off (and set aside to use for future DIY magnificence), drill a hole in the top where the pole would go, screw into the wall, et voila – fancy wine glass holder. https://www.pinterest.com.au/pin/99994054209696587/


And finally, the piece de resistance…The Outdoor Esky: Got people coming over for the holidays? No more trips to the fridge with this incredible idea for turning an old fridge/ freezer into a huge outdoor esky. This idea is a great upcycling job as it makes use of an old, non-working fridge and pallets, meaning it can be a very inexpensive project, particularly if you have free access to these materials. And, if you don’t, they’re also pretty easy to source online or at the local dump. You can easily get this job done in a weekend and the results are sure to impress. Make sure to add a blackboard (to show off your craft beer menu) and castors (to move easily if you need to escape with your beer).


This design is for a fridge/ freezer but could easily be modified for a bar fridge size cooler.  





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