About BAHA Roller Blinds

We have every option covered with a wide range of Blockout, Light Filter and Sunscreen fabrics. There is something every budget. Go ahead and order a free sample or begin your design to get a fast quote.

Roller Blinds are a modern classic for good reason. They are the most versatile and cost effective window covering on the market. A minimalistic design allows the fabric tube to cover very little of a windows glass, allowing light to be managed and living spaces opened up when required. You can achieve a modern look with solid colours or a more natural feel with our textured fabrics.

Our three fabrics types control light differently.



Blockout stops 100% of light and is the first choice for bedrooms, preventing the morning sun from interrupting your sleep while adding a layer of privacy. It is also popular for front rooms, kitchens, and bathrooms where you would like to block the view and provide maximum protection from heat and UV. We stock a wide range of colours that work in all types of interiors. These fabrics come in an array of finishes from uniform smooth through to organic textures. Generally white and natural light tones are subtle choices as they blend into the most interiors. However you can make more of a statement with bolder colours. And as always, if you would like to view in person just order some free samples and we will have them delivered to you in no time.


Light Filter

Light Filter is recommended for when you would like to maintain privacy or hide unwelcome views while allowing natural light to gently fill the room. It is most commonly used in living areas close to fence lines and other houses as it gently softens light but prevents neighbours from peering in. Most of our fabric ranges have the same colour in the different fabric types allowing you to match different rooms but customise light control and needed. For example you might use light filter in the kitchen and lounge room and Blockout in the bedrooms.



Do you have a view but the sun streams in? Sunscreen fabric is perfect for any window where you would like to preserve the outlook but stop the sun from streaming in. This is the most popular choice for common rooms that look out to the backyard or pool. The secret to this material is the weave density. It is enough to prevent UV but still allow you to see through. In the daytime it will also provide privacy from those looking in.


Double Roller Blinds

Double Roller Blinds provide the flexibility of two blind types on the one bracket. They allow you to reduce glare and UV during the day, and then stop light entirely for total privacy at night. We offer Blockout with either of the other two fabric types. They are the perfect for choice for maximising insulation in winter and minimising fading of your furnishings in summer.



There are a number of customisation options that allow you to tailor the design to your preferences.

The control side determines which side the chain is on when facing the blind. The right hand side is standard however you may wish to change this based on accessibility or aesthetics. For example if all of your sliding door handles are on the left hand side you might match this positioning to allow someone to roll the blind up and open the door without moving.

You can select a chain colour that suits your design or go for stainless steel which is classic and a more premium option. For motorisation there are a number of remote options available. The wow factor cannot be underestimated. It is worth noting that for motorisation you need to connect to your mains power by a qualified electrician.

Roll direction determines whether the fabric comes off the back or front of the roller. Back roll is the most common method however it is not recommended for back coated fabrics (all Blockout fabrics expect for eclipse). Front Roll is generally used when you have obstructions in the windows (e.g. winders, window locks, door handles.). It isn’t recommended if you’re outside mounting as it will leave are large gap between fabric and window.

For large sliding doors you will often require at least two blinds. When this is the case you can join them with bracket that provides a closer fit than butting up to regular ones. It also has the capability to link the blinds so that they can be operated in unison.

We offer a price match guarantee meaning that we will match any lower price on the same custom product from an AU retailer. We are confident you will get a quality product at a great price when shopping with BAHA.