About BAHA Roman Blinds

Roman Blinds are a luxurious way to create depth and dimension in your room. They establish contemporary lines by using a clever concealed batten system and offer the choice of either cord or chain operation. Fabric is lowered over the window in folds to provide a rich luxurious finish. When down, it is flat against your window. When moved up, it folds gathers into pleats. These blinds are a great in most rooms but not suitable in wet areas such as bathrooms and laundries.

There are three high quality fabric types to select from depending on your light control requirements. All of the colours are available to order as free samples so don’t hesitate to place an order if you would like to compare them at your home.

Our Sunscreen fabric is constructed using a special weave that blocks UV but allows you to see through. We highly recommend it for common areas such as lounge and dining rooms with a view. It is available in seven colours including white, sand, chocolate and black.

Light filter is the middle ground of fabrics. It provides privacy but lets natural light gently fill the room. You can see shadows through it but no detail. In terms of temperature control it helps take the edge off in winter but keep things cool over summer. Most of our colour options are also available in blockout so that you can keep consistency throughout your house. With over 50 colours there is something for any interior.

Blockout is ideal for keeping the harsh sunlight from invading your home. It is best used in bedrooms, where morning or afternoon sun is a problem. We stock an extensive range of colours including opal, parchments, sea grass and flint. Different brands have varying textures and weaves. For example Palm Beach has a relatively smooth finish, while Boston II features a richer textured surface.

The maximum dimensions available are 2.4m wide x 2.7m high. We only recommend outside mounting this product as it blocks too much of the window pane if installed inside. There a two control types you can select from; trumpet with pull cord is the standard however ball chain is recommended for those who will be regularly adjusting exposure as it’s a much smoother mechanism.

Measuring and installing Roman blinds is easy.

To measure up your windows all you need is a metal tape measure, pen and pad. There are a couple of tips to ensure you measure correctly. Make sure you read our guide first. Once you have, simply write down your measurements as width by height for each window. It’s worth measuring every window even if they should be the same size. They usually have a slight variation that will affect your blind from fitting perfectly.

Installing yourself is worthwhile. You will save a large amount of money and have the satisfaction of knowing the job has been done correctly. So long as you are comfortable using a drill, screw driver, and our instructions you will done in no time. Just remember it is important to securely attach the brackets to the mounting surface. To achieve this the included screws must secure into wood studs, otherwise a fastener is required for secure mounting (not included). Make sure the fastener you purchase is suitable for the weight of the product.

At BAHA we are focused on ensuring that our products help our customers enjoy their homes. Updating your blinds is not something you usually do often but is one of the best and most cost effective ways to refresh you interior. We believe in our Australian made products, that's why we offer our customers an extended 5 year warranty. We also offer a price match guarantee. If you find the same custom product from another Australia retailer we will match the price. You can shop with confidence at BAHA!