About BAHA Venetian Blinds

These blinds are a classic design that complements many spaces. Their look and feel is determined by the choice of slat material and colour. Aluminium slats are recently back in vogue and can really provide a designer aesthetic Wood slats can provide a natural warm finish that you can only truly achieve with timber or a cool white beach vibe similar to shutters but at half the price.

It’s worth noting that they are designed for use in the down position the majority of the time. If you think you will be raising and dropping them regularly during the day another blind type is probably more suitable.

We use a simple bracket system for easy installation, with easy to clean slats and matching cords, base and head rails. They are ideal for living spaces where clean lines and efficient light control are important. If you want to control the temperature then these blinds are ideal as they significantly help block and trap heat in rooms.

In terms of light control Venetian Blinds are hard to beat. Constructed by using a series of horizontal slats controlled by cords they can be tilted in precise control over the amount of light entering to perfecting set the mood of a room. This also means they are excellent for privacy as you can still allow light in but stop prying eyes.

If you are after a warm natural look 45mm Cedar is the option for you. From a styling perspective the finish is very versatile. It allows you to co-ordinate with existing timber furniture or window frames and is complementary to many interior styles. It is a premium timber that can withstand harsh conditions making it less likely to warp, twist, or swell. We stock two stains for 45mm Cedar Venetians. Light to medium or medium to dark. Both stains have been applied uniformly to the slats allowing you to see the natural grain. If you’re not sure about which colour best suits your room just order a free sample and we will ship it to your door.

50mm Basswood is a premium option as they are lightweight, strong and durable. The lighter weight of basswood when compared with PVC allows the blind to be operated smoothly and with far less pressure on blind mechanisms. We stock 3 colours that are expertly painted for a high quality finish that will not be out of place in any home. For a fresh crisp feel. Select from white or Arizona white. It you’re after a warmer, more of a natural appearance, choose mahogany. If you’re not sure about which colour best suits your room just order a free sample and we will ship it to your door.

50mm PVC is the most versatile and budget friendly option we have available. They are a cost effective and stylish alternative to timber. Constructed by using a series of horizontal blades, made from PVC that has been UV treated to resistant fading, cracking & warping. We carry range of colours that compliment many interior trends. For a fresh beachy feel chose white or oyster white. Or for a more natural appearance try one of our three timber stains. PVC is the only option In wet areas, such as bathrooms and kitchens as they are resistance to moisture.

25mm Aluminium slats are a modern classic. They offer a clean designer aesthetic that works in many spaces. Formed by using a stack of Aluminium horizontal blades, they can be tilted in unison allowing precise control over the amount of light entering your window. From China white to midnight black we stock a colour that will complement your interior. For a more traditional we recommend lighter options such as stone and cream. Darker choices like charcoal will deliver more of a contemporary feel. If you’re not sure about which colour best suits your room just order a free sample and we will ship it to your door.

Customising your Venetian Blinds order couldn’t be easier. Simply write a list of the windows you’re ordering for and go to each window and decided if you will mount on the inside or outside of the window and record measurements in mm (width x height). There are different ways to measure depending on your mounting preference. Read our quick measuring guide here.

Now got to our designer, choose your colour, enter the first room name, measurements, & mount type. The last step is selecting your control side. This refers to where the cords that raise the blind and the wand that tilts the blind are located.
Once you’ve clicked add to cart you’ve completed your first Venetian blinds! To create more simply go to your cart and copy your original design and edit each copy as required.

Remember that our price match guarantee means that we will honour any lower price on the same custom product available from an online retailer, or in a physical store in Australia. Shop in confidence with BAHA.