More on Vertical Blinds

This product is popular and versatile for good reason. There is no better low cost, high performance window furnishing on the market. Our design uses a slim line track, a child-safe wand, and your choice of premium fabric. Available in a wide range of colours it is easy to find the perfect match for any décor.

Having something that looks great is important but ease of use is an equal consideration. Our headrail and control stick have been developed especially for the Australian market. The control system allows you to simply twist to adjust the direction of light coming into the room or push to open and close the blind. There is no better covering to easily adjust the amount of natural light in a room.

Vertical blinds are not only common in residential lounges and bedrooms, they are also the number one choice for commercial premises. Large windows and entrances can be difficult to handle with other products however the simple track system provides a functional and cost effect way to control light in these spaces. We have all experienced the sun pouring through large windows. Over winter this isn’t a problem but come summer you don’t want glass magnifying those hot rays. Not only do they heat up your room increasing your power bills and making it uncomfortable but they can fade your flooring and furniture also. Prevention is the best way to save dollars in the long run.

Longevity and durability is big consideration with all purchases. No matter the product, general abuse and wear eventually takes its toll. And let’s face it, styles come and go. Fixing or replacing other products can be a costly process as the whole unit needs to be replaces. However with Vertical Blinds you can simply swap out any damaged vanes. Or if you are going for a full refresh replace the entire set with a different colour.
One of their great benefits is that their vertical lines make your windows and doors appear taller, creating a sense of space and openness in your rooms. The opening and closing of panes also gives you total control over glare. Nothing is worse than trying to watch TV or read a book when you are squinting!

Our window shades are made in Australia and backed with a five year warranty.

We use a premium blockout fabric that is available in a wide range of colours including white, ivory, antique cream, jasper and pepperjack. It has been treated to survive continued exposure to UV. Not sure which colour will look best in your house? No problem. Just order some free samples and we will post out the swatches you select.

You can choose between 127mm and 89mm vanes. 127mm is most common however 89mm are great for when you don’t have much window depth to work with.

Choosing how you would like the vanes to stack is determined by window/door access and personal preference. You can select from left, right, centre and middle stacking. One element to consider when designing is that for large doors is that this product can create a wide stack when the vanes are pushed to one side. Simply create the track slightly wider than the opening, allowing vanes to stack outside the window, to avoid this problem. Head rails can be mounted inside or outside the frame and you can also choose from four colours. There are two options for the bottom of the blind, chain or chainless weights. Chainless is a more modern look and also recommended for those with pets.

Measuring up is easy. All you need is a pen, notepad and metal tape measure. Remember to use millimetres and record your results as width by height. Cover every window as they usually have a slight variation that can stop your blind from fitting correctly. There are three ways to measure depending on your window design and how you would like to attach your brackets; inside mount, outside mount with architraves, and outside mount without architraves. Check out our simple measuring guide for details.

So long as you are comfortable using a drill installation is a simple process that will save you money and get your Vertical Blinds up faster. Essentially all you need to do is attach the brackets depending on your mount type, hanging the track, followed by the panes. Again, read our installation guide for more information.

If you are in a hurry order our 3 day express manufacturing and have them delivered in no time. Don not hesitate to get in touch with our customer service team if you have any questions about our products.