Why Auto-Lock Arm Awnings?

Auto-Lock Arm Awnings project out from the wall and window, keeping hot sun off the glass and providing circulation behind the fabric. When not in use they can be retracted fully to enjoy the view.

You can select from three distinct fabric types that suit different applications. All of these options have been specifically designed and tested for our harsh conditions.

Use canvas if you’re looking for 100% sun Blockout. It is a very durable material made from cotton fibers. Available in an extensive range of colours including sandstone, Brunswick green, burgundy and black. You are guaranteed to find an option that complements your area.

If you’re unsure of the best choice for your outdoor area simply order some free fabric samples and compare the colours in person.

Acrylic lets in some natural light but maintains privacy and blocks unwanted views. It is a great choice for windows close to fence lines and other properties. Because of this it is our most popular selection. Excellent outdoor performance is achieved because the fibers are made from acrylic that have been teflon coated. You have the choice of over 50 colours including solids and stripes. Black and white stripe is a classic finish for timber homes and great for those looking to create achieve a hamptons style exterior. Look through our instagram page for inspiration!

Sunscreen allows the most light in and has a wide enough weave to allow you to see through the fabric. It is a popular choice for situations where the window or deck is elevated with view that you don’t want to lose! Despite the wide weave heat is blocked effectively. Rain is also generally stopped except for a fine mist that can come through during heavy downpours. It is made from a PVC coated polyester yarn that is available in over 50 colours to including sapphire, espresso, earth and lemon so don’t be afraid to go for a feature colour.

Cleaning any of these options is an easy process. All you need is a bucket of warm, slightly soapy water and a cloth. Simply wipe down the material and components every 6 months to keep them looking fresh. For those spots that are hard to reach use a hose.

Use our custom product builder to quickly design and order your own window awnings. We stock a wide range of options that help you create the perfect look for your home. Customise aspects including bottom rails, material type, valance style and the self-locking arm projection. Hooding customisation is particularly important with this style of awning as it helps provide a sleek appearance and protects the fabric from the weather when not in use We carry a range of colours to match most popular guttering and house trim.

Our Australian based factories manufacture your design quickly allowing us to ship the order in five working days. There is no need to worry about shipping cost either, we offer a free service for all orders over $99.

Remember that our price match guarantee means that we will honour any lower price on the same product from an online retailer, or in a physical store in Australia. We are confident you will get a quality product at a great price when shopping with BAHA.

We are often asked how difficult it is to install Auto-Lock Arm Awnings. If you consider yourself handy with power tools and have a bit of experience working around the home on things like gates, fences and decks you should have no problems.

First up read our measuring instructions. You will notice there are three different mounting scenarios that require a slightly different measuring process, namely wall mounted brick, wall mounted cladding and post mounted. If you have questions feel free to contact our team with photos of the areas you are considering. Once you have these basic numbers you can go ahead and build your order.

Installing involves using the hood as a template to mark your drilling locations, attaching the hood and side rails, mounting the awning and then pulling it down along the rails. Again, just follow our step by step instructions and you’ll be done in no time.