About BAHA outdoor roller blinds

We carry a wide range of Outdoor Roller blinds in a variety of fabric colours and types to suit any home or business. All come with quality components for longevity and resistance to the elements. Use our product builder to design and order your own custom outdoor roller blinds now. Shop with confidence with our price match guarantee on the same custom product available in a physical or online store in Australia.

These awnings provide an ideal solution for large areas that need protection from the sun, wind and rain. They are ideal for homes, apartments and low rise commercial buildings. You are probably familiar with seeing clear PVC version in cafes and restaurants. This is why you will often hear them referred to as cafe blinds.

They are commonly attached to a roof or beam and roll up and down similar fashion to an indoor roller blind. They create flexible indoor/outdoor spaces by managing the temperature and privacy of an area. You can raise or lower the blind by either a manual crank arm (attached only during operation) or a motor (connected to mains power) controlled via a remote.

First up we recommend deciding which fabric will suit your situation best. We carry three different options that manage light differently. All three are made from high quality materials that are built to last in tough conditions.

Acrylic provides most complete sun blockout and is constructed from fibers that have been teflon coast to repel water. It is a very hard wearing premium fabric. You can complement any decor using our extensive range of solid colours including white, natural, sandstone, bark, green, navy and charcoal. Alternatively there are many striped options if you are after a more federation or beachy style. If you’re unsure of the best colour for your outdoor area just use our free sample selector and order some to review in the comfort of your home.

As mentioned clear PVC is very popular in the food and beverage sector. The real benefit of clear PVC is that it allows you to maintain a view and sense of space in an area while being the most effective traper of heat in the winter. You can choose whether you would like a tinted PVC fabric to help control brightness along with the thicknesses of the material itself. One millimetre is the most durable.

Sunscreen is such a versatile fabric as it stops the majority (95%) of the sun’s heat while remaining transparent enough for you to still enjoy the view. The trick is in the precise gap in the weave. There is no need to worry about rain either, it stops the majority of water with only a mist floating through in heavy downpours. It is available in a modern selection of colours including platinum, bamboo, ash and almond.

Our outdoor blinds are Australian made from heavy-duty componentry. We pride ourselves on supplying products that can withstand harsh Australian conditions. The maximum size for a single blind is 4.5m in wide and 3.5m in high. When your area is too large to cover with a single blind simply order multiple blinds for side by side installation. If you’re unsure of how the blinds would best work for your scenario take a couple of photos and contact our customer service team. They are here to help!

You order comes standard with an aluminium oval base rail which can be secured by your choice of lock down method. It’s important to lock down correctly so that the wind does not cause damage. You can select from stainless steel clips or straps with buckles to attach to the ground or balustrade. Alternatively, upgrade to our stainless steel wire guide if you would like to be able to secure it at any height!

If you are a confident DIYer installation is a straightforward process. There are three types of location to typically install; recess mount between posts, face mount inside or outside posts, and ceiling mount/underside of beams. The style of head box you select is dependent on your bracket mounting location. The aluminum cassette is our premium option as it fully encloses the components, providing weather protection and improving aesthetics. It’s also the most versatile for installation. The colourbond flashing box helps to provide weather protection for a face mount outside installation however it doesn’t fully enclose the system. Standard brackets (no head box) can be used for an inside face mount, or a recess mount. The roller is exposed so it’s not really recommended for an outside mount as the sun will eventually impact the fabric. For more detail refer to our step by step measuring and installation instructions.

We are committed to simplifying the process of purchasing and installing Outdoor Roller Blinds. Our team is always here to help if you have any questions so do not hesitate to contact us with any questions or feedback.