How to enjoy your outdoor living space all year round

Outdoor living spaces are popular right now, and for good reason. They’re perfect for keeping guests entertained in a natural and relaxed environment.  Plus when it comes to property value, potential buyers are likely to think it’s more than what’s on the inside that counts.


Creating the perfect outdoor living space for you and your family to enjoy is not difficult. However some planning is required so that you can you enjoy it in all seasons, from the chilliest of winters right through to the sweltering summer. Before you decide to only use your outdoor space for part of the year, consider these easy ways to keep your area functional and fun no matter what month it is. With a few not-too-pricey tweaks, it can be party time in your backyard whenever the occasion calls for it.


A Roof on your Patio or Gazebo

Want to relax in your outdoor patio or gazebo but worried about UV rays, sunburn and storms? Why not go the extra mile and put a roof on it? Protected from whatever the weather might throw at you, you’ll be much more likely to make use of your backyard escape. You can also add some outdoor curtains, privacy screens or enclosures to increase the peace. On top of shade, an outdoor patio or gazebo with a roof also adds value to your home. Win-win.


Outdoor Roller Blinds to Keep You Cool or Warm

One of the easiest and most effective ways to maximise your outdoor space in all seasons is by investing in these handy al fresco accessories. Outdoor roller blinds are like walls that you can put up or take down at your convenience, offering you protection from harmful UV rays or keeping your verandah, your patio or your balcony warm. Worried that you’ll shut out the view of your nicely maintained garden? Outdoor roller blinds can be made out of sun blocking, semi-transparent or fully transparent material so that you can control the elements to suit your environment. At Baha we produce a wide variety of weather-resistant outdoor roller blinds that can keep your entertaining area safe from the elements. Check out https://www.baha.com.au/outdoor-blinds-awnings for more ideas.


Furniture Designed for Outdoor Living

Investing in some high-quality outdoor furniture means that you can organize get-togethers or just relax in the backyard regardless of weather conditions. Made from materials designed to go the distance in bright sun, strong wind or rain, outdoor furniture is a must for every Aussie who likes to entertain outside. And it has other benefits too: plastic chairs, for example, are easy to stack away neatly when the party’s over. Metal and wicker can also be great materials of choice. Deck chairs, bar stools and outdoor tables are all viable options as well. There’s a lot of range out there to choose from and it doesn’t have to break your budget.


Heat Things Up With a Fireplace, Fire Pit or Heater

This one is a wicked idea for those colder months. Keep warm in winter by adding an outdoor fireplace, a heater or a fire pit to your outdoor space. Even when the air is cool, you’ll be able to have guests over for a drink, a chat or a barbeque whenever you please.


Set up your BBQ in a central location

It’s one of this country’s great traditions, isn’t it? That’s why it’s important to set up your BBQ in a position that allows you to catch up with friends and family. Who doesn’t like the smell of a BBQ is full swing!  It doesn’t hurt to add some additional bench space near the bbq so that you can do some of your preparation outside too.


Let there be Lights (Outdoor Ones, that is)

Lights are useful in all kinds of ways: whether it’s hanging some fairy lights over the table while you eat, lighting up the path to and from your front door, or even adding some additional security.  There are a number of affordable and excellent outdoor lighting retailers who will help you to light up your nights and keep a warm glow burning all year long.


Grow with the Seasons and Eat More Veggies

Gardening is a great way to spend more time outdoors without leaving your own backyard. And you can spend that quality time outdoors and introduce a variety of delicious food into your diet at the same time by growing seasonal vegetables. If you need some help getting started, aboutthegarden.com.au has a list of ideas for veggies that you can grow according to the time of year and your temperate zone. For more information, visit https://www.iqoutdoorliving.co.uk/how-can-i-use-my-outdoor-living-space-all-year-round.


Feel Hot Hot Hot with your own Hot Tub

If you can afford it, a hot tub is a sure-fire way to make the most of your outdoor entertaining space. Hot tubs have a number of uses, including keeping you warm when the weather’s cold or just providing a place for you and your guests to relax.


As you can see, with the right preparation it’s not too hard to enjoy that wonderful outdoor area that you’ve worked to create all year long. After all, what’s the use of an outdoor living area unless you can make the most of it, and really live it up? Now let’s all get ready for the long hot nights to begin.   



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