How to Get that Coastal Style in Your Home

Establishing a style for your home is a great way to make it truly feel like a home, because it creates an environment that can relax, inspire, and comfort your family and guests.


It’s no secret that Australia is home to some of the best coastline on the planet. Given our connection with the beach it’s not surprising that ‘coastal style’ remains one of the most popular interior trends. With soft relaxed tones and a natural connection to the environment it’s one of best ways to transform the feel of your home.


Now say you decorate your home with a whole bunch of nautical or seaside knickknacks. Sure it may show that you like being by the sea. But if you take it to the next level with your home’s design, that’s when you suddenly feel like you’re down the coast while still in your living room. It’s not enough for your place to sort-of look like a beach house; you want it to encapsulate that feeling of open space and relaxation.


Here are some tips to help you reach that next level to bring that coastal style right to your doorstep.


Pick Out The Right Colours

Perhaps the best place to start with transforming your home’s style is to look at the colour palette you’re using. Nobody wants a dark and gloomy beach house. That kind of atmosphere goes against everything that you want to feel when you’re on holiday by the sea. Instead, look to give your home a nice light and airy feel.


In order to achieve a colour scheme that reminds of you of the coast, you likely want to consider a lot of neutral tones, creamy, milky whites or other colours associated with the coast. But the odd burst of natural colour won’t go amiss either. Another option is to look at making use of stripes, which will stand out against your neutral or washed out colour scheme.


It’s important that if you go down this route, to consider where and how you plan to use this palette. For example, while you’d probably want to keep interior shutters as part of the pale, muted scheme, exterior shutters could benefit from a pop of colour.


Rethink Your Furniture

Furniture plays a fundamental role in establishing the style of your home, so it makes sense to look at how it can help you create a coastal vibe. One approach to look at is repurposing items like vintage trunks or driftwood and using them as things like coffee tables or other furniture. These kinds of items fit in perfectly with the coastal theme, while also showing a creative, playful spark.


Another approach is to think about bringing nice all-purpose or outdoor couches and lounges in to the living room, especially ones with light, vibrant slip covers. This kind of furniture fits in perfectly with the casual vibe you’re going for.  But please, this doesn’t mean just taking the easy way out and getting everything made of wicker.  Also, since the vintage aesthetic fits so well the coastal design, don’t be afraid to look at nicely aged second-hand or refurbished furniture.


Turn up the Getaway Vibes

A big part of wanting to feel like you’re at your coastal getaway spot, is that feeling of relaxation and fun. So anything serious or hyper-modern isn’t going to really cut it. You want your coastal-style home to have a casual elegance to it, to look fun and low maintenance, and feel it too. So have a bit of fun and don’t feel like everything has to be shiny new or purely functional.


That could mean something like installing interior shutters to your windows, not necessarily for shade, but lend a bit of rustic charm. While it’s true that interior shutters are able to act as a light filter, their look is bound to remind you of the simple appeal of a vintage beach shack. It’s ok to get a bit creative with this kind of design and focus on the look of things rather than only on functionality.


Be Clever with feature pieces

Now, what about those feature pieces? While on their own they may not do much, they’re perfect to round out your design after making the most of the other ideas here. Even so, it pays to be restrained and selective with what and how you display things. Don’t just put anything and everything you can find throughout your home.


Decide on a fairly specific theme and decorate in line with it. When you can see the connection between everything it will add just that little bit extra to your home design. Also important to remember is that sometimes less is more, so don’t go overboard with too many shells, nets etc.


That being said, you have free reign to be creative and repurpose things as you like. Perhaps mount a mirror with driftwood frame on your wall in place of some artwork or convert a lobster basket into a laundry hamper. In the end, why spend a whole lot of money on brand new items for your home when being creative and fun fits in so well with the coastal design.

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