How to give your home a luxe feel

Redecorating a home is an expensive task, especially if you have an eye for design. Luxe fittings and décor can give your home an overall peaceful vibe that will have guests awing from the moment they step foot through the front door. If you’re inspired by those elegant homes that you see in design magazines but don’t know where to start, we’ve compiled a go-to guide on how to achieve that luxe feel.


Neutral tones

Neutral wall colours and flooring give a minimalist look that allows for chic furniture and fittings to shine. A simple white or off-white is a popular choice that will make way for light fixtures, handles and tapware to stand out, especially if you’re going with rose gold, gold or black accents.


Neutral tones in the living area are especially vital as it’s the most utilised space in the house that is often shared with the kitchen. If you’re adding marble features to the kitchen, darker floors and lighter walls can contrast to achieve an overall luxe feel.



Opt for good quality furniture that boasts a sense of elegance.  But before you buy your furniture, it’s best to narrow down what luxe style you’re going for. There’s the modern and minimal look, or the vintage vibe with upholstered antiques contrasted against contemporary pieces – a sleek dining table or a pendant light for example. Whichever style you decide on, choosing coherent furniture throughout your house will instantly convey that opulent aesthetic.


Alongside your furniture, consider oversized art works that will seize a visitor’s attention as soon as they walk into the space. Once again, this depends on the overall look of your luxury home. At times neutral colours can look really nice against a vibrant abstract art work, or a monochromatic piece. You can even experiment with an enlarged black and white photo that you like (an image from your travels perhaps?). Either way, art is a nice touch to achieve that luxe feel.


Indoor blinds

For that luxe feel, consider installing quality indoor blinds. Roman Blinds are an ideal choice as they’re not busy and offer a simple aesthetic that will suit any chosen furniture and décor.


Blockout Roman Blinds are perfect for keeping harsh light out and are available in a variety of colours and sizes at BAHA. They suit modern homes or traditional renovated houses with different fabrics on offer for that personal touch.


BAHA’s Light Filter Roman Blinds still offer the same aesthetic while allowing natural light to flow into the space. They add a delicate quality to a room with their airy fabric and choices of colours on offer – ideal alongside fabric couches and a cosy and luxe rug for a warm and inviting look.


Sunscreen Roller Blinds are similar to BAHA’s Light Filter option, as they still block up to 95 per cent of the sun’s UV rays while still allowing you to see outside. Like the Light Filter Roman Blinds, they’re a good choice for a bathroom or living area, as you can maintain your privacy while enjoying the benefits of natural light at the same time.



Although you may be spending big bucks on the big items like furniture, it’s crucial to consider the smaller details that don’t have to cost a fortune. Consider adding things like fresh flowers for that extra pop, luxe magazines like Vogue, Harper’s Bazaar, Home and Garden or any other high end publication.


Here’s a list of a few minor details that will create that ultimate wow factor:


  • – Scented candles
  • – Plush cushions
  • – Striking rugs
  • – Fixtures – tapware, light switches & door handles
  • – Lamps and lights (candelabra, pendant lighting or down lights)
  • – Declutter and minimize
  • – Artisan hand soaps and décor in the bathroom
  • – New bedsheets and linen – with a contrasting throw rug

Outdoor area

While transforming the interior of your home, it’s important not to forget that the outdoor area requires attention too. To achieve the luxe feel throughout your home, consider renovating the outdoor area by adding a new outdoor seating area, landscaping and outdoor blinds.


BAHA offer a selection of Outdoor Blinds perfect for entertaining friends and family, and to control harsh weather. If you have a pool installed, Folding Arm Awnings are a nice addition to the outdoor area – your home will begin to resemble a luxe boutique hotel in no time.


Likewise, BAHA’s Vertical Awnings and Ziptrack Awnings are ideal for undercover entertaining areas that will block out incoming rain or intense sunlight – they suit a rendered modern look with stainless steel appliances like a ceiling fan, or undercover barbeque. When it comes to these outdoor blinds, you’re spoilt for choice when it comes to furniture to suit, as you can deck out your space with a dining table and chairs or a relaxed couch setting.

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