Why Blockout Roller Blinds?

Are you looking for the most popular roller blinds for bedrooms and areas that require total privacy and light control? Buy Blockout Roller Blinds and your problem is solved!

Our Roller Blinds are an easy and economical way to add colour & style to any room. A minimalistic design has made them popular for contemporary living as the fabric roller covers very little of a windows glass, allowing living spaces to be opened up when required. They can be easily retracted for light control and privacy.

Save with BAHA

If you buy Blockout Roller Blinds online with BAHA you will save you up to 70% compared to other retailers. Our simple step by step product builder walks you through the customisation process. If you have any questions our friendly support team is here to help.

Customised for you

Our high quality fabrics stop 100% of light. We stock a wide range of types and colours that complement any decor. Different fabrics have varying textures and weaves. For example Eclipse has a uniform smooth finish, while Mantra features a rich textured weave. It’s best to first decide on whether you would like a smooth or textured finish and then select your colour. Generally white and natural light tones are the most subtle choice as they blend into the majority of interiors. You can however make more of a statement with bolder colours. If you would like to view the colours in person just order a free samples and we will have them delivered to you in no time.

Our blinds have a number of customisation options that allow you to tailor the design to your preferences.

The control side determines which side the chain is on when facing the blind. The right hand side is standard however you may wish to change this based on accessibility or aesthetics.

You can select a chain colour that suits your design or go for stainless steel which is classic and a more premium option. For motorisation, there are a number of remote options available. It is worth noting that motorised blinds will need to be connected to your mains power by a qualified electrician.

Roll direction determines whether the fabric comes off the back or front of the roller. Back roll is the most common method however it is not recommended for back coated fabrics (all Blockout fabrics expect for Eclipse). Front Roll is generally used when you have obstructions in the windows (e.g. winders, window locks, door handles.). It isn’t recommended if you’re outside mounting the blinds as it will leave are large gap between fabric and window.

Price Match Guarantee

Remember that our price match guarantee means that we will honor any lower price on the same custom product available from an online retailer, or in a physical store in Australia. We are confident you will get a quality product at a great price when shopping with BAHA.