About BAHA Double Roller Blinds

Your window coverings are an important part of making your house a home. Blinds are essential when it comes to giving you the aesthetic appeal you want and the privacy you need. When you’re shopping for blinds, you’ll find that there are many good alternatives. However, double roller blinds offer many advantages over other types of window treatments.

Also called dual roller blinds, these indoor blinds offer the advantage of doing two jobs for the price of one. Usually, double roller blinds contain one blind is a light filtering or sunscreen fabric and one in a blockout fabric, hung together. This gives you the ultimate in control, as you can choose whether to let in all light, some light, or no light at all. They can protect you and the room’s other occupants from solar glare and keep your furniture, rugs, and other belongings from fading in the sunlight. They also provide an extra insulating layer when it’s cold outside.

Double roller blinds are a highly popular, useful product that provides a sleek, stylish look. The combination of sheer and blockout fabrics bring a pleasing visual effect into the room and, if you’d like, you can pick out two coordinating colours from your interior décor palette for an extra-special decorating touch you and your guests will love. If you haven’t considered them for your home, look at their many benefits.


Double roller blinds are perfect when you are looking for simple yet attractive window covers. These blinds fit very closely to your window without excess fabric, giving them a sleek, modern look. They come in a variety of fabrics and materials including sunscreen, blockout, and light filtering fabrics. Such an extensive range of options allows you to pick out the one that suits your home the best. These blinds provide you with a great look for your home that you’ll love.

Another benefit of using double roller blinds is that they are quite versatile and can be used almost anywhere. That’s because there are so many choices regarding colour, pattern, style, operating system, and more. You can choose sunscreen blinds that block the sun’s harmful UV rays, or blockout blinds in spaces where you need total darkness. Double blinds are an ideal solution if you want plenty of sunlight at certain times and total darkness at other occasions. These blinds allow you the best of both worlds.

Ease of Use

Double roller blinds are extremely simple to use. You can choose the operating system, so whether you want them chain operated or motorised, you can buy exactly the blinds you want. You can even interface multiple motorised blinds together so that you can open and close them simultaneously and instantly, even if there’s furniture in the way.


Your blinds are an investment that you expect to last for a long time, and that’s why it’s important that they are sturdy and durable. Roller blinds fit this requirement perfectly with sturdy steel tubes, quality fabrics, and top-of-the-line frameworks. You can rest easy knowing that your blinds will work just like new even after you’ve had them for years. They won’t be faded from the sun, either, as the fabric is treated to ensure UV-resistance.


Roller blinds are an economical choice because you receive a combination of two types of blinds. Compared to venetians, it’s easy to see that double roller blinds are a highly cost-effective option. Also, if you get tired of the colour or pattern of your blinds, you can give your room a makeover by simply changing the fabric.

Double Roller Blinds give you best of both worlds

Double roller blinds provide the flexibility of two roller blinds on the one bracket. They allow you to reduce glare and UV during the day and then block the light out entirely for total privacy at night. BAHA indoor blinds come in a range of colours and a choice of options including Blockout, Light Filter or Sunscreen. They’re perfect for maximising insulation in winter and reducing the fading of your furniture in summer.

So, use our product builder below to create your own custom Double Roller Blinds. Or simply order some free fabric samples to work out the perfect colour for your home.

The Smart and Versatile Window Cover Solution

Do you need privacy during the day without blocking the light or obstructing your view? Do you need total privacy at night? Then you need Double Roller Blinds from BAHA. Also known as Day/Night Blinds, these great double blinds reduce glare and UV during the day without blocking the view, and then block the light out entirely for total privacy at night.

BAHA’s Double Roller Blinds come in a range of colours and a choice of configurations including Blockout, Light Filter or Sunscreen and they’re perfect for maximising insulation in winter and minimising fading of your furnishings in summer.

At BAHA, we make home decorating fast and easy. Just measure your windows, design your blinds and we’ll make and ship them to you ready to install. Our customer service team is always here to help if you have any questions.