About Light Filter Roller Blinds

BAHA roller blinds provide a simple, cost-effective way to add style and colour to any window. The sleek design makes them ideal for those whose style leans toward the modern and minimalist, although they come in a variety of styles and colours to suit any interior. The fabric roller takes up very little space in front of the window, allowing you to open up the space and let lots of light in when the blinds are open. When you need to block out light or increase privacy, they are easy to close.


Light filter roller blinds are incredibly versatile as they compliment a wide range of interior styles. They are energy efficient in addition to their light filtering qualities and modern style. Light filtering fabric lets natural light in but helps keeps the air warm in winter and cool in summer. You can adjust them to allow in as much or as little sunlight as you’d like.

Light filter roller blinds keep the glare off the TV screen, or give you complete privacy. They also protect from UV rays, minimising the impact on your furniture and skin. Light filtering blinds truly offer the best of all choices in one great product: you get beautiful natural light, privacy, and insulation. They come in an array of colours including plenty of neutral shades to blend into any room and keep the focus on your furniture or other statement pieces. You can also choose brighter colours if you prefer a bolder look.

They Complement Most Décor

One of the things that make this particular product so remarkable is their sleek, modern style. These indoor blinds go well with almost any existing décor. They also keep your windows free from other, more cumbersome blinds that will allow open space around the window. This makes it much easier to decorate any room because you don’t have to factor in bulky or draped curtains.

UV Protection

Light filter roller blinds are also known as sunscreen blinds. They provide protection from UV rays thanks to the distinctive fabric used for their manufacture. This fabric allows some light through, providing the room with natural light and allowing you to see the shadows from outdoors through the fabric. For example, if there is a tree near the window, the sunlight will filter through it as will the shadows, giving the room beautiful light and depth. However, although the blinds let sunlight through, they block harmful UV rays. That means you don’t have to worry about sun damage to your furniture, flooring, or walls.


Roller blinds are a very affordable option. It’s important to make a statement with your windows when decorating any room because the windows are one of the most attractive and eye-catching features of the space. Choose them to make a gorgeous impact on the room without breaking the bank.


- Made in Australia to your specifications
- Filter light or block it out entirely – the choice is yours
- Choose bottom rails, and ball chains that match your existing window frames and door handles
- Link together multiple sets to accommodate sliding doors and wide windows
- Upgrade to motorised operation if desired
- Great minimalist style

Things You Should Know

- Installation will create a gap between the window frame and the fabric, and between the roller and the window frame when mounted inside
- Front rolling an outside-mounted roller blind is not recommended, as this increases the space between the wall and the fabric
- To comply with regulations and keep children safe, secure the chain with a safety cleat
- The chain provided as standard is ¾ the length of the blind’s drop. If you require a shorter or longer chain, please let us know at checkout in the comments section
- If you install splashback tiles in the kitchen, this should be completed before ordering with us. Otherwise, tiles that protrude into the window may impede blind function.