Blockout Roman Blinds

Are you looking for a simple yet luxurious way to add style and depth to your interior? BAHA’s blockout roman blinds can do just that by creating contemporary lines using a neatly concealed batten system and giving you the choice of either chain or cord operation. You can lower the fabric over the glass in attractive folds for a crisp, sleek finish to any window.

Great for the Bedroom

If you aren’t someone who gets up at the crack of dawn, you’ve almost certainly been awoken by the sunlight streaming into your room far earlier than you would like. Too much light too early can result in interrupted sleep and unwelcome daytime fatigue. When you install these blinds in your bedroom, however, you shut out most or all the light so that your room remains completely dark and you can enjoy peaceful, uninterrupted sleep. Blockout blinds offer many other benefits as well.

Blockout blinds are ideal for many different types of people in many different situations. They can prevent children from waking up too early (and waking you up!); they can help shift workers sleep during the day and be prepared for their shift that night. Also, blockout blinds can help adults who have trouble sleeping at night and need daytime naps. If you have a home theatre, you can block out all light completely to maximise the cinema experience. And if you live in the city, with bright lights and noise right outside your windows, blockout blinds can help you rest peacefully throughout the night.


These indoor blinds are also ideal for the bedroom because of the privacy they offer. Because of the thick material they are made of, they not only block light from getting into the room but also prevent the interior of your home being seen by anyone outside. This makes them perfect for not only bedrooms but bathrooms as well. They also reduce the amount of noise that can make its way into the room; you’ll notice that any noise that does come through is significantly quieter. That means that even if your neighbours are going about noisy daily chores, you can still relax and sink into your peaceful sleep without being disturbed.

The same benefits of blockout blinds in the bedroom make them ideal for other rooms in your house as well. Consider the following advantages when you’re deciding on window coverings for your home.

Reduced energy bills

Blockout blinds are made of thicker material than other window coverings and have excellent insulating properties, keeping the summer heat outside where it belongs and, likewise, keeping your home toasty warm when temperatures drop during the winter months. That means that your blockout blinds will help your home remain at a stable temperature all year, keeping you more comfortable and your energy bills lower. They will also cut down on heat and glare from sunlight in your home. This helps make it easier to maintain a constant temperature, keeping you and your guests more comfortable.

Choice of Style and Colour

There are many types of blockout blinds, so you can choose the style and colour you like best. They come in a range of colours, from neutral to bold, so you can find the perfect blinds no matter what your style preferences. Blockout roman blinds are very popular because of their distinct advantages including stylish looks, durability, and ease of operation. You can choose to use your blockout blinds in conjunction with curtains, or leave the curtains off for a sleek, minimalist look.

Simple Design & Outstanding Functionality

You can choose whether you want to operate your roman blinds using a pull-cord and pulleys or a chain mechanism. At BAHA, we offer you the choice of sunscreen, light-filtering, and blockout fabrics so that you get exactly the level of light control and privacy you want. Choose the colour and style of ball chains and bottom rails you’d like to complement your existing door handles and window frames. Mount roman blinds above the window to maximise a great view. These fabric blinds are suitable for any dry areas of the home (use PVC blinds in bathrooms). The fabric is free of sew-needle holes thanks to the hidden rear batten system.

Things You Should Know

The height of Roman blinds when lifted is about 300mm. Keep in mind that the blind will cover some of the glass even when lifted unless it is installed above the window. To minimise glass coverage, you can mount the blind outside and above the window frame. If you’re ordering more than one blind for the same room, let us know so that we can ensure the fabric panel sizes are uniform. Your blinds will appear slightly shorter than the length you ordered when you first install them; this is normal as it takes about four weeks for the fabric to settle.