Why Aluminium Venetians?

These 25mm aluminium venetian blinds are beautiful, strong, lightweight, affordable, recyclable, and easy to clean. They allow you to have complete control over the amount of light that enters your home, and they are a great modern yet classic touch to add to your décor for a sleek, uncluttered look. Our aluminium venetians are custom made from the highest quality materials to suit your exact specifications. They are designed and built with seamless operation and long-lasting quality in mind.

Benefits of Aluminium

Aluminium is a very lightweight material that helps make these blinds cost effective and easy to handle and install. In its pure form, aluminium is soft enough to carve. It is often mixed with small amounts of other metals to make it as strong as steel but much lighter. It is non-corrosive and can flex under loads and spring back into shape. Those properties make these indoor blinds durable and long-lasting, meaning great value for you. Our 25mm aluminium venetian blinds are also surprisingly elegant and offer a cost-sensitive option when you want your design to look expensive without being expensive.

Save on Energy Bills

Another advantage of aluminium is that it is reflective. This reflective quality can actually save you money on your energy bill because it prevents excess light and heat from entering your home during the summer, thereby keeping your home more comfortable and reducing cooling costs. In the winter, closed aluminium blinds do a great job of keeping warmth from escaping through the windows, keeping your home warmer and your heating bill low. Because they block light so effectively, they are a great choice for adult or children’s bedrooms.

When you select our 25mm aluminium venetian blinds, you also get to choose from a broad range of colours . Find unique colours like black, silver, gold, and more, perfect for today’s modern kitchen, bath, bedroom, or living room. There are also plenty of traditional colours available for these indoor blinds if you prefer a more classic style.