Why Cedar Venetians?

Our 45mm Cedar Venetian Blinds offer all the benefits of wooden blinds and then some. These beautiful blinds can be custom made to fit any window, are eco-friendly, easy to install, and bring a touch of elegant style to the room. Wooden blinds are beautiful and versatile, able to blend in with any décor whether it’s rustic, Victorian, modern, or something entirely different. The slats come in various sizes, so you can choose the type of blinds that will be compatible with your existing décor as well as the style of window you’ll be covering.


These blinds also offer more privacy than other styles of blind. Our 45mm Cedar Venetian Blinds offer total blockout, so when you need privacy, just close them, and the interior of your home will be safe from prying eyes. You only need to open them slightly to be able to see out without letting anyone peer inside. Although they offer complete privacy, these wood blinds are still lighter than blinds made of other materials, making them super easy to transport, handle, and install.

Low Maintenance

These blinds are low-maintenance and easy to clean. There’s no need to take them down to clean them; simply close them one way and dust from top to bottom, then close them the opposite way and repeat. Another feature that makes wooden blinds easy to clean is that they aren’t held together by holes, but rather notches. These notches are not only easier to keep clean but also offer enhanced privacy because they don’t let light through. These 45mm Cedar Venetian Blinds can bring years of low-maintenance beauty and privacy to any home or office.

Cedar itself is a remarkable wood with excellent stability. It won’t change its size or dimension regardless of temperature or humidity the way some woods will. It stays flat and straight, making it perfect for venetians and other home applications. As a light, porous wood, cedar has excellent insulating properties, meaning that your cedar blinds will help your home stay cooler in the summer and warmer in winter. Because of these benefits and the fact that it is elegant and attractive, cedar is a high-demand material. Our cedar blinds make a wonderful and long-lasting addition to any home.