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The new, next generation chair you will all be calling shotgun to sit on!

Sink into The Wombat.
Like a beanbag, a bed, and a couch with an ultra-soft micro suede cover. The premium, extra comfort memory foam filling hugs your body without the annoying rustling sound of cheap, hard beans every time you move.
This super large puff of brilliance has been designed for all ages, shapes and sizes. Engineered with an outer layer and an inner layer that lines the memory foam filling, The Wombat is super easy to clean and durable.

For unlimited lounging, uber chilling & ultimate nap sessions, The Wombat puts the U-back in YOU!

  • Filled with premium comfort memory foam, for extra plush comfort combined with support. No more noisy and hard beans and beads.
  • Super large size designed to for all shapes and sizes.
  • Soft & washable Microsuede Cover Included.

Microsuede Cover with Extra Comfort Memory Foam Filling

Wash removable outer cover only. Remove the outer cover from the Wombat and wash on cool or warm gentle cycle. We recommend line-drying to preserve the fibres, colour, and elasticity. If you’re using a dryer, choose low heat and a low tumble cycle for the best results.

The Wombat ships free, directly to your doorstep compressed, vacuum-sealed, and packed in a conveniently-sized box.