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Our most advanced, innovative design to enrich your slumber.
Do you want a perfectly balanced mattress that shapes to support your whole body with every movement? Our BAHA memory foam mattress creates a haven of serenity, relieving pressure where you need it most.
With a ventilated top layer and breathable construction, it is designed to pull the heat away from you to ensure a long blissful sleep. The regulated temperature allows moisture to dry out quickly, protecting it from bacteria & mould, making it our most durable & premium bed yet!
The hypoallergenic open-cell smart technology possesses temperature sensitivity that allows the memory foam mattress to adjust itself to your body-weight. Amazing mattress support that lasts and bounces back with every sleep.
Ahh, so much serenity.

  • Ultra soft Aerated Memory foam comfort layer. Providing pressure relief where you need it most.
  • Adaptive Open-Cell Foam construction, Mattress Support that bounces back and lasts. Ideal for sleepers of any size and weight with Zero-motion transfer, helping you enjoy uninterupted sleep.
  • Cool Sleep Ventilated top layer, breathable construction that pulls your body heat away from you.

Composition of complementary foam layers, Cool Sleep Ventilated Memory Foam and Maximum Spinal Support Foam.

For the removable cover, we recommend hand washing cold water and a mild detergent, and air dry to preserve the fibres, colour, and elasticity. Can be spot cleaned with a mild detergent by hand, dry at room temperature away form heat or light.

For the memory Foam Core: Spot clean with a soft soap by hand only, dry at room temperature away form heat or light.

Always use the Mattress with its cover.

BAHA Mattresses ship free, directly to your doorstep compressed, vacuum-sealed, and packed in a conveniently-sized box.