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The BAHA Pocket Spring Mattress: Crafted with premium features to cradle you to sleep night after night.

No cheap squeaky springs, no partner disturbance.

The result? Incredible comfort & support, the best of both worlds.
Stop compromising between budget and a great nights sleep Australia!

24cm of balanced comfort and support.
A top layer of comfort foam to cradle you to sleep combined with Premium Pocket Springs for even body weight distribution (for all shapes and sizes!).

Your BAHA Pocket Spring mattress can be spot cleaned with a mild detergent by hand.
Dry at room temperature away from direct heat.

Free shipping Australia wide.
No hidden fees.
All BAHA Mattresses ship free, directly to your doorstep compressed, vacuum-sealed, and packed in a conveniently-sized box.

There is nothing you won't love about your new bed.

You shouldn't have to compromise between budget and a great nights sleep!

No cheap squeaky springs.

We have all slept on cheap spring beds that gave us nightmares. Thats why we use modern individually pocketed springs. Completely eliminating squeaks and any form of partner disturbance during the night.

Balance comfort with support.

Combining a luxury top layer of comfort foam with the back support of pocket springs. Get the best of both worlds. Pressure relief where you need it most & ideal support for sleepers of any size or weight.

Reinforced Edges.

Sleep like a baby and relish every single part of your incredibly comfortable bed! We have ensured that you’re edges of your bed wont sag and will provide you the support to sleep edge to edge.

Home & Bedding made ridiculously easy

We are dedicated to providing a fun & effortless shopping experience to turn your house into a home.

How we built your new bed

More of that cozy cloud feeling, every night.

  • Luxury layer of comfort foam

    Designed with nothing but comfort, body balance & support in mind, to suit all body types.

  • Premium pocket spring core

    Zero-motion transfer with the combination of individually pocketed spring and high quality foam.

  • Reinforced edges

    Relish every single part of your incredibly comfortable bed that will make you sleep like a baby!

All good things come in a box.

Free shipping Australia wide, no hidden fees.

Finish making your bed.