Spring Into the Latest Interior Trends, Top Design Tips for 2018 & Why Shutters Maketh Your House!

As Spring, well, springs, and we’re about to wave goodbye to 2017, you might be looking for ways to make sure you’re on trend before the silly season lands and your house is full of guests to impress.


As always, the amount of info out there can be overwhelming – but, never fear – we trawled through the interior design detritus of the world wide web to bring you this handy guide to what’s hot and what’s not for the coming season.


Colour is Bold & Bright for 2018

The latest home shows feature furniture, shutters, walls and accent décor in warm and earthy colours such as sienna, tan and terracotta through to stronger rust and russet. These were teamed with strong accent colours such as black forest, emerald green and watermelon red.


Quick note: when using accent colours stick to complementary colours. It works best with bright, vibrant colour. Accent colours are perfect if you’re not keen to use strong colour everywhere – just add a splash of an accent colour with a cushion, throw or an ornament. For best results keep the majority of your room in shades and variations of one single colour.


Finishes & Furniture

Kitchens: Marble continues to be the preferred material for kitchens but is now styled as thin as possible. Another popular look is the all-black kitchen, which offers a contemporary and sophisticated look, particularly when mixed in with plants. Black was showcased in metal, painted wood and stone and paired with indoor plants.


Metallics continue to attract lovers of all things shiny but copper is out, brass is current and London trend futurists are predicting a return to silver in 2018. Dark wood is also making a comeback – look for rosewood, walnut and mango wood.


Display is back in fashion with plenty of freestanding cabinets with glass doors and open shelf racks for showing off crockery being used. Cooktops are also changing with gas element and knobs placed on the stone top without the stainless steel or glass plate.


Living: Wallpaper in the living spaces is back and here to stay with key trends in either geometric or organic, like greenery and botanical prints. Click here to read our favourite wallpaper article which will provide plenty of inspiration. Comfort is back for furniture with curved and plump shapes showcased at the recent Milan Furniture Fair. Keywords are luxury with an edge.


Bathrooms are also adding colour. For an easy way to spruce up your bathroom without getting out the wallpaper swatches, add some plants, even hanging over the bath. Stay on trend by switching from blinds to shutters to allow for more natural light.


You can swap out your mixers or taps (if they need to be replaced) with silver or matte black. Accenting works in here too, you can incorporate colour through the use of linen. Add navy towels and bathmats or a shade of the on trend colours that will work with the existing colour palette in your bathroom.



Across the web, design watchers are predicting 2018 will be the year of Wai Sabi – the ancient Japanese philosophy of finding beauty in what’s natural, in imperfection, which marks a clear swing away from Scandinavian style.


“Wabi sabi is an ancient aesthetic philosophy rooted in Zen Buddhism, particularly the tea ceremony, a ritual of purity and simplicity in which masters prized bowls that were handmade and irregularly shaped, with uneven glaze, cracks, and a perverse beauty in their deliberate imperfection.” http://www.wholeliving.com/133628/wabi-sabi-your-life-6-strategies-embracing-imperfection


Wabi Sabi products become more intriguing and attractive to us as we use them and they become love worn and time worn revealing new layers of colour and texture, crackled effects, weathering and oxidisation. Pair the “display” trend with “wabi sabi” and dig out the family dinner service which has been loved and used by the generations.  


Wabi Sabi is an excellent example of design reflecting life: as our lives become more hectic and we rely more heavily on tech, our desire to reconnect with nature and return to a simpler way of life will be reflected in the design and style of our homes and soothing, organic materials and traditional handcrafts will continue to gain popularity.


Shutters Maketh Your House

If you’re busy but like to stay on trend, then shuttersoutdoor shutters and/ or interior house shutters can be a real boon for keeping up with colour changes and designs. Easy to keep clean and maintain, shutters can add instant allure and freshen a home of any age. Ensure you choose a well-built shutter with a neutral tone to begin with, and if you decide to change your colour scheme, a professional painter or a handy DIYer can spray with any colour you like for the newest look.


In a Nutshell

Yes: Warm earthy colours, untreated stone, cacti, flexible/portable lighting, rounded furniture, wicker, cordless lamps, black kitchens, 


No: Florals, polished glossy stone, white bathrooms & kitchens and , copper and metallic rose finishes, minimalism, gloss finishes


If you’re time poor but after a quick flick over to the latest trends, the very clever people at Vogue Living have given us 5 quick ways to change your home up for Spring. Enjoy!


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