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Are you a hot head? Relax, because we’ve got the coolest pillow on the market! When your head hits the pillow, you’re in for a guaranteed, calm, cool and collected sleep with the incredible cooling Gel Pad Memory Foam Pillow. The new technology to manufacture this bad boy means the heat is drawn away from your body, keeping your body temperature down – no more of the one foot in, one foot out balancing act!

  • Advanced Cooling Gel Pad for cool comfort during warmer climates.
  • Perfectly balanced Memory Foam core to feel plush yet supportive.
  • Durable design to resist sagging over time. Head Support that lasts.

Soft Memory Foam with and Advanced Cooling Gel Pad

For the removable cover, we recommend washing on a cool or warm gentle cycle, and line-drying to preserve the fibres, colour, and elasticity. If you’re using a dryer, choose low heat and a low tumble cycle for the best results.

BAHA Pillows ship free, directly to your doorstep, and packed in a conveniently-sized package.