The Burrow - Baha
The Burrow - Baha
The Burrow - Baha
The Burrow - Baha
The Burrow - Baha

The Burrow

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Experience ultimate plush comfort with premium memory foam in a brand new design! The Burrow has arrived to take soft furniture to the next level. Coming in a convenient size of 80cm diameter, we have reinvented the fan favourite Wombat into a brand new chair design. Looking for that extra back support? The Burrow is perfect for you. Available in a sleek and easy to care for Midnight shade, this Comfy and Durable Cover is removable and washable

Microsuede Cover with Extra Comfort Memory Foam Filling..

Wash removable outer cover only. Remove the outer cover from The Burrow and wash on cool or warm gentle cycle. We recommend line-drying to preserve the fibres, colour, and elasticity. If you’re using a dryer, choose low heat and a low tumble cycle for the best results.

The Burrow ships free, directly to your doorstep compressed, vacuum-sealed, and packed in a conveniently-sized box.

How to unpack The Burrow in 4 easy steps!

Unbox The Burrow in the room you plan to chill out!
The Burrow comes with a secure inner filling and outer cover.
Carefully remove all plastic layers.
Separate the foam inside by rotating and pushing into The Burrow. This will help The Burrow expand.
When the foam is nicely separated, zip the outer cover around The Burrow.
The Burrow will expand in size to fill the covers over a few days, but no need to wait, you can start relaxing on it immediately!

How we designed The Burrow

Like a beanbag but WAY better!

New design, next level comfort!

Experience ultimate comfort in a brand new design! Taking soft furniture to the next level.

Premium, extra comfort memory foam.

Filled with premium comfort memory foam, for extra plush comfort combined with support. No more noisy and hard beans and beads.

Soft & washable Microsuede Cover Included.

Soft Microsuede Cover Included. This Comfy and Durable Cover is removable and washable.

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