How Can I contact you?

For General Queries, please check the FAQ below or on the relevant product page.

For all order specific queries after placing an order please email:
Quote your order number in the subject & attach detailed product photos where necessary.

Our local Aussie team is online 5 days a week during business hours (9am-5pm).
Please allow adequate time for our email team to check on your query get back to you.

How Can I make payment for my order?

Credit Cards - MasterCard, Visa & American Express - we help you get those frequent flyer points We make it easy to order online by accepting various forms of payment.
PayPal - Quick and Easy if you have a registered PayPal account.
Afterpay - Pay for your order in four payments.

How Can I change or cancel my order?

Email us at shop@baha.com.au Monday to Friday 9am to 5pm, if you have any changes to make and we will try our hardest to help you.

We do not accept change of mind returns on orders older than 14 days or items that come in sealed packages or boxes where seals are damaged or broken.

Any products returned without proper sealed packaging will be rejected under the change of mind policy. You are responsible for payment of return postage for change of mind returns.

After checking you meet the above terms for a change of mind order, please first email shop@baha,com.au to let us know you are returning your order.
Then return your product to (Couriers Only, NO public access):
39B Naxos Way Keysborough VIC 3173

Ensure you attach your order number with the returned product, if we cannot identify the return to your order number we cannot process a refund.

Always make sure to double check your measurements, colour selection and all details before completing the order. 

How do I unpack my Wombat/Joey/Burrow?

Get ready to chill out with your new Wombat/Joey/Burrow! Follow these easy steps to get it set up:

Step 1. Unbox The Wombat/Joey/Burrow in the room you plan to chill out! The Wombat/Joey/Burrow comes with a secure inner filling and outer cover. Carefully remove all plastic layers.
Step 2. Rotate and push the foam inside to help separate it within The Wombat/Joey/Burrow. This will help it expand properly.
Step 3. Once the foam is nicely separated, zip the outer cover around The Wombat/Joey/Burrow.
Step 4. You can start relaxing on your Wombat/Joey/Burrow right away! While it may take a few days for it to fully expand and fill the covers, you don't need to wait to start enjoying it.


Why do my Wombat/Joey/Burrow zips have no zip tags?

We are required by “Consumer Goods (Bean Bags) Safety Standard 2014” to remove all zipper tags for child safety. To use the zip we recommend using a paper clip. It can be hard to operate without the paper clip by design (child safety).
Always remove any clips or tags from the zip after use, to ensure the Wombat/Joey/Burrow remains child safe.

What Personal Info does BAHA Collect?

We collect information, such as name, email address, phone from you if you make a purchase at our website. Credit card numbers are not held by us as the transaction goes through a secure gateway with our banking institution. If you just visit the websites to search, we do not automatically collect any information. The only information we may collect is your email address if you choose to sign up for our promotional material. What does BAHA do with my personal information? We do not sell, trade or rent your personal information to others. However, we do use other companies and individuals to perform services on our behalf, such as company and product research, delivering packages, sending mail and emails and processing payments.  They will have access to your personal information needed to perform these services, but we will not authorize them to use your information for other purposes.

Rug Care (Dust/Allergies)

Regular cleaning is necessary for your rug to remove any dust that settles on the surface. A weekly vacuum with a HEPA filter vacuum cleaner will eliminate dust mites whilst also helping it look newer for longer. Cleaning under the rug weekly is also recommended. For anyone with dust allergies, it is commonly recommended to also vacuum the whole underside of rugs.


Why Can New Rugs Smell?

Sometimes new rug’s have an initial odour that comes from the rug’s manufacturing. Like almost all common household products rugs emit VOC’s (volatile organic compounds), in fact Rugs actually emit fewer VOCs than other household furnishings. But whether the material is natural or synthetic, the process of off gassing can sometimes create an unpleasant aroma.

The good news is that new rug odours dissipate over a few days or weeks. Leave your new rug in a well-ventilated space, and use the space as little as possible for at least 72 hours. Here are a few other easy ways to hurry this process along:

  1. Turn up the heat.
  2. Open your doors and windows.
  3. Frequently vacuum over the first few days.

Why does my rugs have threads sticking out, or shedding fibres?

In some cases, a rug may shed some of its fibres early on in its lifespan. This is completely normal and will stop within a couple of weeks or months depending on the material the rug is made. The shedding of a new rug should stop after light regular vacuuming and normal wear.

Pop Ups:
 ups can happen in any kind of hand woven rug, whether its Jute, Wool etc.

Due to the nature of hand woven floor rugs, pop ups are not considered a fault. They are simply part of the general maintenance of a handwoven piece.

Fortunately, Pop ups can be very quickly and easily mended.

The below fixes are also done during the construction of a handwoven rug, therefore when replicated at home is of no harm to the quality or durability of your handwoven rug.

Fixing Loose end pop ups:
Hand Woven floor rugs are all constructed of long lengths of fibre, all high must end at some point. Occasionally these ends will wriggle out and appear on the front side. Loose ends can very simply be trimmed to the pile height of your rug.

Fixing Loop Pop ups:

Alternatively a loop from the pile might appear higher than the pile height.
 Loops can simply be pushed back into the weave from the top side, or you can hook them from the underside and pull them back to match the pile height.