About Us

Who is BAHA?

Like a breath of fresh ocean air, BAHA was born from the desire to create a chilled living space that promotes positive energy. The exhilarating feeling of looking out into the wide-open ocean, listening to the sound of the waves rolling in on the shore, smelling salt in the air. Every wave that washes up and dissolves is like your every worry being carried away.

BAHA business style was based around this incredible sense of freedom & relaxation.

The ultimate dream of being on the beach all day. Surfing, wandering as the sun warms your skin. A place for family & friends to connect like when you're on holidays by the seaside - every single day. A home that emphasizes your creative ability.

Established in 2017 in Gold Coast, Queensland BAHA is a proudly owned Australian family business. Our vibrant team brings over 50 years of manufacturing & importing expertise to our latest brand. With a fresh, new approach inspired by nature, our products encapsulate the pure beauty of our beachside community.


Our Mission

Our mission is to turn shopping for quality home products upside down - BAHA is a breeze. From start to finish, we make sure you are comfortable and simplify your customer journey, you will feel the BAHA difference.

We respect individuality. BAHA is about creating an edge that allows you to stamp your own identity. We are dedicated to providing a fun & effortless shopping experience to turn your house into a home.

Home is where your heart is, and that's with BAHA.